Thursday, February 02, 2012

How To Setup RinLogger [Complete and Easy]

Download Rin Logger.
Run the keylogger file on your computer and hit on “Create new”.
  •  Now, enter the information as follows:
    Email address: Email address where you want to receive all hacked passwords. Use Gmail address (recommended).
    Account Password: Password of your Email address.
    Keylogger Recepients: Enter your Email and hit On Add.

  • Hit on Next. Now, enter the time duration between two emails. If you set it to 5 minutes, you will receive emails after every 5 minutes. Hit on Next. 
  •  Now, change Install keylogger to “Enabled”. Name the file anything you want and select Installation path as “Startup”.

  • There are many more features in this key logger like Download Setup, Dialog Setup, Website Viewer, File Binder, MoZilla Firefox, Administrator Task etc.
  • Now Set File Properties. 
  •  Now, hit on “Save As” and select the path where you want to save your keyloggerserver file. Click on “Compile”.

  •  Done and hack Gmails accounts, This kelogger is very popular.
  • Other Features
  •  Melt File
  •  Downloader
  • Web-Viewer
  • Flexible fake Message
  • Attach screenshots for each logging session
  • Multiple log recipients

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How do I send it to various people? Do I have to input all their email address on the recipent part? Meaning does the key logger work for only recipents who's email addresses are specified there?

I have a question bout d recipent part in d first section... If u have 5 victims must u specify them all in the recipent area? Or u can send them randomly so anyone?

If I have 5 victims I want to infect must I specify them all in the recipent area?

Link is dead.Can you reupload it please? or email it to me.Thank you!