Sunday, January 15, 2012

Multi IP Changer 7.46.60

Tibia Multi IP Changer lets you change the tibia client IP so you can play your favourite Open Tibia Server when you get bored of real Tibia. This programme will try to Connect to the internet when it searches for updates/news.

Usage is quite simple, you have to fallow few Steps:

1.Start Tibia.
2.Start The IP changer.
3.Open Options.

4.Select the version of tibia you are using.
5.Select what port you use and the language you want.
6.Press OK and then Save.

7.Change ip to the one you want and Press Change IP.
8.If everything is fine the ip changer says "IP Changed! (version)"

9.Now in tibia you press "Options" then "Network Settings" and then UNcheck(remove) "Test Server Login"
10.Now its only to login on Tibia.  you can free download Tibia Multi IP Changer 7.46.60 now.

Download Here