Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SpyAgent 7.50.11

SpyAgent is the powerful, award-winning solution, that can log all keystrokes, emails, windows, websites, applications, internet connections, Chat conversations, passwords, print jobs, documents viewed, and even screenshots! SpyAgent runs in complete STEALTH with optional EMAIL Delivery and logging and LOCKDOWN scheduling. Record any actions on your PC with this powerful full featured PC SPY! SpyAgent is used by home users and businesses alike - as it provides the most comprehensive logging that can be found anywhere. No activities done on the PC escape SpyAgent's logging!

SpyAgent also features powerful filtering and access control features, such as Chat Blocking (to restrict access to chat software), Application Blocking (to prevent specific applications from being executed), Website Filtering, and more! SpyAgent is not only an award-winning PC Spy, but also a powerful activity filtering package.


Logs Keystrokes Typed
Logs Websites Visited
Logs Online Searches Performed
Logs Applications Opened and Closed
Logs Internet Connections Made
Logs Files Opened and Printed
Logs Chat Conversations
Logs Windows Opened
Logs Email Sent and Received
Logs Internet Traffic Data
Logs Files Uploaded and Downloaded
Logs User Total Active/Idle Times
Logs Passwords Typed
Sends Activity Logs via Email or FTP
Records Screenshots
VCR-like Screenshot Playback
One-click Top Activities Overview
Comprehensive Top 10 Reports
Built-In Web, App, and Chat Blocking
Instant Alert Notifications
Easy Log Management and Viewing
Quick Log Searching and Filtering
Lockdown and Logging Scheduling
Activity Triggered Smart Logging
Disables Spyware Detectors
Runs in TOTAL STEALTH! you can free download SpyAgent 7.50.11 now.