Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Port-Forwarding for Beginners

Hiya friends, i was looking for the best and simplest tut on port- forwarding. and i have got ..
well, am posting this tut by taking help from many sites and also adding my knowledge too.. even u can say it's a mixture..''

First of all, I want you to write down some stuff.

--go to Start>Run>CMD (On vista, type CMD in the search field).
---now type, Ipconfig /all.
---nw locate your information, and you will write down the following.
---ur IP-address and your default gateway. 

getting closer

now type your default gateway into your address-bar to enter your Routers configuration site.
Now, if this is your first time, use the following login-information
(This is different from ISP to ISP, this is the usual ones)

U = Username. P = Password.

U = admin P = Blank
U = admin P = admin
U = Blank P = admin.

if neither are working, contact your ISP for more information.

Now, this is very different from router to router, we will have to find the page for us to Forward these darn ports!

Look around, trying to find it, here are some hints.

applications & gaming / LAN servers / Firewall / Ports / Port-Forwading.

Almost done!

Name/Application/What ever : Type in the name of the Application, which ports you are forwarding. E.G Steam, Warcracft, BitTorrent.

Start & End : Type in the port you are forwarding.

Protocol : Pick Both (UDP & TCP)

IP-address : Type in your IP-Address.


6112 - 6112