Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Kapil Sibal's 'censorship' plans: Google India clarifies on its content policy

Google India has issued a statement in connection to the Minister of Communications and IT Kapil Sibal's assertion that Internet companies should pre-screen content posted by users before publishing.
"We work really hard to both follow the law and also give people as much access to information as we can. So we follow the law when it comes to illegal content. And even where content is legal but breaks our own terms and conditions we take that down too, once we've been notified about it," Google India said in the statement
Google, however, stressed that, "When content is legal but controversial we don't remove it because people's differing views should be respected, so long as they are legal."
Kapil Sibal
Earlier Facebook had in a statement said that they "will remove any content that violates our terms, which are designed to keep material that is hateful, threatening, incites violence or contains nudity off the service." Facebook said they recognised the government's interest in minimising the amount of abusive content that is available online and will continue to engage with the Indian authorities as they debate on the issue.
Sibal attempted to clarify his stance in a press conference on Tuesday stating that the government is advocating supervision and not censorship, but that doesn't seem to pacify the Internet anger against him. Internet users in India have taken to social networking services and blogs to express their resentment against the policy.