Wednesday, December 07, 2011

How/Why To Port Forward (Router & Modem Style) - Torrent

What Is Portforwarding?

Port forwarding is necessary for using different tools, Such as RATs and uTorrent and so on. Please follow this guide on How To Port Forward and you'll have your port forwarded :)!

Today i'll teach you how to port forward through the router & modem. (Not with PFConfig :) )

Lets Start!

Start off by going to: Start -> Run -> CMD -> And Type IPCONFIG
Now Copy That "Standard Gateway // Default Gateway" IP And Type It Into Your Webbrowser & Log in.
My username is Root - nothing. The router // modem accounts usually are theese:

Admin -
Admin - Admin
Admin - Password
Admin - User
Admin - Root
Admin - Custom Password, Check underneath your router for it! ;)

Root - Admin
Root -
Root - Password
Root - Root
Root - Password
Root - Custom Password. Check underneath ;)

User - Root
User -
User - Admin
User - Password
User - User
User - Custom Pass.

And so on.

Once you're logged in, Go to the "port forwarding" or in this case, "Virtual Server"

Virtual Server: Enable / Disable.
Local IP: Found In IPConfig, As IP Adress.
Start Port: The Port You Want To Forward, Start Port.
End Port: The Port You Want To Forward, End Port.
Protocol: TCP & UDP or BOTH
Remark: The Name Of The Wished Forwarded Program.

And When You've Saved The Settings, Go To And Type Your Port In There, And If It Says
You've Failed. Then I Advice You To Take A Look At And Look For Your Router Or Modem, Once You Find It They Have A Port Forward Tutorial There.

Or Try To Have The Application You Are Forwarding For Open, Like Cybergate & Try Again!


IF manually portforwarding doesen't work, then you'll need to use Utorrent. ;). You still need the port "100" forwarded in your router for this to work. First of all you want to download Utorrent, which can be downloaded --> <--.

Easy instructions;

1. To set a single port, navigate to Options > Preferences > Connections

2. Click "random port" once, and note the port number provided. This will be the port number you will be forwarding in your router. (You may also assign a port number of your choice)

3. Uncheck "Randomize port each time ĀµTorrent starts." The port number will no longer change each time ĀµTorrent is started.
If you need any help with this, feel free to post here :) !