Friday, December 23, 2011

Caller ID Spoofing - Call from any Number to Any Number

In this tutorial I'm going to tell you how you can call any number from any Number of your choice. But yes, it will cost you a heavy toll on your pocket. International Calling rates apply.

Okkay lets get started. All you need is a laptop, 2 mobile numbers and an internet connection.

Go to CrazyCall You'll see something like this.

In the next step, Chose your country. I chose mine India.
Next Enter the number whose CallerID should be displayed (the number FROM which you want to call).
Now, Enter the number TO whom you want to call.

The site also has an amazing option of changing your voice quality during the call. This means you can make yourself sound for the opposite sex also(*wink*).

Now press Get Me A Code. And something like this is displayed where they ask you to call a number and enter the given code. Do it and Voila! your call gets connected and the person attending the call gets the CallerID of the person you wanted to display.

This tutorial is for educational purposes only. We can not be held responsible for any misuse or illegal activity.

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