Saturday, December 24, 2011

Anonymity - For the General Users

Do you know that your every move is being tracked by websites?? Do you know that you are not at all safe over the internet.
To illustrate my views better I want you to do one thing. Log in to your facebook profile (if you don't have one, go get it now). Now go to this website CriticallyGeek Yes this is our website. Now on the homepage you'll see a facebook LIKE box where how many people like us on facebook is recorded. Now Click on LIKE button. Your name flashes up saying that you have now liked us on facebook. But how do we know who is liking us??? You didn't tell me your identity. You must have noticed this in other websites also. Did you ever think about this?? Haha!! That's it. Now follow me to protect your privacy over the Internet.

Your IP address and your MAC address is logged into the server where you visit each time. IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. This is used to differentiate each computer with the other one in the internet. MAC (Media Access Controller) address is the physical address of your computer. But there are methods by which you can hide your real IP and Mac addres from the server/websites.

To keep it brief, a proxy can be used to hide your IP in the internet. A VPN(virtual private network) will hide your MAC address in the internet. TOR(the onion routing) is another technique of hiding your IP. You can google for them and you'll get many results. I will list here the links where you can get them ::

IP hiding website ::
IP hiding tool ::
VPN :: anchor

Use these tools maintain your privacy and freedom over internet.

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