Monday, December 26, 2011

9 Best Car Racing Games for Android

Have you got an Android device and a strong desire to race? Are you a car nut? Do you live your life “one quarter mile at a time?” Are you an Android developer looking to make the next great racing game? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, here are nine games you need to check out:

1. Drag Racing. This game is available for free on the Android Market and is the most downloaded racing game listed. Drag Racing allows you to drive more than 50 different cars. As you win races and earn money, for example, you can purchase upgrades or TRD parts for your Toyota Supra or whatever car you’re driving. Drag Racing even allows you to challenge other players across the country.

2. Need For Speed Shift. This game is available for $2.99 and features a full career mode that is found in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the same game. Need for Speed Shift allows you to drive 20 cars on 18 different tracks that are inspired by actual locations. The career mode features hundreds of different races and three different difficulty settings so you don’t have to worry about getting bored with this game too fast.

3. Reckless Racing. Reckless Racing is a dirt-racing game that is available for Android devices for a price of $4.99. With 3 different game modes and difficulty levels, this game will last for hours and hours. There are customizable controls that allow you to drive how you want. Reckless Racing also features online multi-player to allow you to take on anyone in the world.

4. Raging Thunder. Raging Thunder features beautiful graphics and currently only costs $2.99 on the Android Market. The game features the online multi-player and customized controls of the other games, but has several features that the other games do not have. Raging Thunder is one of the only racing games that allows you to draft on your opponents. This is a key feature of racing and a great touch to the game.

5. Raging Thunder2 If you liked Raging Thunder, then you will love Raging Thunder 2. Since the game is newer, it costs more ($4.99 as of today) to download. Raging Thunder features that same great racing found in the fist game, but with improved graphics and 5 different game modes.

6. Drift Mania Championship. Drift Mania Championship is the only Android game that allows you to compete in a drift competition. The game features life-like controls that greatly enhance the game. It also allows you to post your scores on the world leader board to see how you compare to everyone else.

7. Dune Rider. Dune Rider is a free game that allows you to control a car to complete amazing stunts. The true physics allow the cars to act as they would in real life. With huge maps, you can just drive around and explore for the best possible locations…great game for people who want the racing game experience without a lot of structure.

8. Outlaw Racing 2011. Outlaw Racing 2011 is the only racing/shooting combo game on the list. As you race, you can use one of five different weapons to try to destroy your opponent’s car. This adds something different to a racing game that you usually do not see, and let’s be honest: blowing up stuff is at least as cool as racing.

9. Krazy Kart Racing. Krazy Kart Racing might just be the best kart racing game on Android, and it is available for just over $3. There are 5 different game modes on the 16 different tracks. All of the characters to choose from are well-known Konami characters from previous games.

So, Android device owners, head on over to Android Market and start your engines!