Monday, December 26, 2011

5 Photo Editing Apps for the Droid

Editing photos on your Android mobile phone can be a breeze with the right application There’s little need to ever get in front of your computer to edit and upload your photos ever again with the amazing photo editing apps offered to Android users. Check out the five listed below and give them a whirl.


PicSay is a fun Android app that allows you to add captions and graphics to your photos along with simple photo editing, such as color correction. It enables your photos to do all the talking with fun word bubbles and balloons that you can populate yourself. A paid version offers more editing tools.


Mobile It’s hard to beat the original, and PhotoShop is the most famous photo editing software out there, so why not try their app version? You can get the free version, which will let you add effects, color correct your photo, and play with the exposure. It’s also probably the easiest way to crop your photo directly on your phone. Or, you can upgrade to the paid app which offers even more photo editing capabilities.


PicsIn is an unique app in that it allows you to draw your own graphics from scratch or create them within your photos, or add thousands of effects to your photos. You can even create a kaleidoscope, a mosaic, or collage Their effects library seems endless.


Wanna make a nifty Warhol creation out of the photos taken with your Droid phone? With FXCamera you can You can also use the following effects on your photos: ToyCam, Polandroid (make your photo look like a Polaroid), Fisheye, and SymmetriCam, which drops a flipped copy of your photo directly across from it. FXCamera makes every photo look like a million bucks so that you don’t have to worry about having a high-resolution or megapixel camera.

Vignette Demo

Vignette Demo is similar to the iPhone’s Instagram or Hipstomatic in that it helps you create retro and vintage-looking photos straight from your phone. The app is super customizable with 84 different “cameras” and film effects and roughly 60 different photo frames to play around with. There is a paid version that offers more features and editing options.

While the Android photo editing app market isn’t quite as robust as the iPhone’s selection, the apps listed above are great tools every Android user can use for editing their favorite photos. You’ll be a budding photographer in no time