Friday, December 09, 2011

5 best tools for private browsing

Anonymous BrowsingThe desire to surf the net anonymously seems counter to the prevailing age of Facebook, Twitter and a comment box and login form on every webpage. While it is getting increasingly difficult to protect your identity online, there are a few tried and tested tools that you can deploy to get a certain level of anonymity while online.

One thing to bear in mind is that ultimately you will have to trust someone if you want to get on the internet-whether it is your ISP or the party hosting your proxy server or VPN. The consolation is that you don't have to trust everybody.

Browsing windows
This is the most basic and quickest way of getting a degree of anonymity online and it also keeps the computer clear of your online activities. Browsers like Mozilla, Opera and Chrome have made this quite simple with the introduction of anonymous browsing windows

Anonymous Browsing
Installing a proxy server or connecting to a virtual private network (VPN) is like employing the services of an agent that will fetch the information for you. Using this method you can shield your identity from the server. There are numerous web-based proxy servers that will gladly fetch the information for you without charging a buck.

Anonymity Online
If you are in constant need of a proxy server, for whatever reason, you can install a program on the computer that will automatically route all requests from your computer, through a single or several proxy servers. This kind of service however often comes with a premium like an annual subscription fee.

Anonymous Email
This service is used by those who do not want to divulge their real e-mail address to parties that you are certain will fix you up with great deal of spam. The advantage of this using this service over simply having a separate e-mail address for such purposes is that the 'fake' e-mail address is managed by the system as it is often disposable. 

If you're concerned about personal data falling into the wrong hands, Truecrypt can be used to encrypt the contents of your entire PC, or a virtual partition in it. Use a Truecrypt folder to encrypt a portable version of your browser, with all its browsing history and passwords.